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Pete Mitchell

I started cycling in 2002 when I was introduced, by a friend, to weekly mountain bike rides with a local club, VC Jubilee. The club competed in the summer at the local track, Preston Park. In my first season I finished 2nd overall and really enjoyed myself so started racing in the surrounding area as far afield as London


Over the next few years I started racing on the road and began to follow the U14 and U16 road racing series around the country. I enjoyed the competition and thanks to the support of my family I managed to ride a good number of the races.


From this I was awarded a place on the British Cycling talent development programme known as “ Talent Team” in 2004. At this point I didn't realise I could pursue cycling as a career, although I did start to realise that I had some talent and wanted to get the most out of myself to see what results I could achieve.


I was very competitive in all my road races but struggled to win, particularly as the races began to get longer and go uphill. By this point I had ridden the youth track nationals where I showed potential and finished 8th in the sprint, before unfortunately crashing in the final of the points race. Lee Povey was watching and approached me shortly after to ask whether or not I had considered training as a track sprinter. This is when I realised I was more in tune with sprinting than the long haul road races, I accepted the offer and we decided to target the sprint at the Youth National Championships the following year. I won and set a national record in the process.


The following year, my application was accepted for the Olympic Development Program (ODP). The ODP had a very professional attitude compared with the talent team. I started racing internationally and in 2007 was selected to ride both the European and World Junior Championships. At the Junior World Championships in Mexico, we won the world title of Team Sprint, as well as a personal win of the Bronze medal in the Individual Sprint.


At the Junior European Championships the following year, we won silver (team sprint) and I added another personal bronze (individual sprint). This lead to me being awarded a place on the Under 23 Olympic Academy.


The Academy allowed me to live in Manchester and train full time as a funded athlete. I started in November 2008 and progressed well. I competed at serveral world cups and won medals at the U23 European Championships. At the end of 2012, it was decided that the best way for me to continue as a part of the program was to change to the Para-Cycling program as a tandem pilot. This suited me as I am quite a naturally strong rider, and due to the weight this is a necessary part of tandem racing. I compete twice in 2013 winning two tandem Silver medals at National Championships, as well as my first senior solo medal, with a Silver in the Sprint


This was also the time that I started taking my coaching seriously. With fewer Para races, I had more time to dedicate to working with riders, and this has developed in to being a major part of my life that I thoroughly enjoy.


In 2014, I competed for the first time as a Para-cyclist for GB, with Neil fachie, and won two gold medals at the world championships in. We also set two World Records in the process, something that is very special to me.


My goals have shifted over the past two years, now the focus is on delivering and winning at the Paralympics in Rio. It is a challenge that excites me, keep up to date of my progress by following my BLOG.