George Sloan

Before I had Pete things were missing. I was lost for ideas for training and tactics for racing. The feedback I got was from my family and it encouraged me. But what I needed was some more technical feedback.


Once I started using Pete I became dedicated as I had a proper training program. I became more confident in races as I had a plan. I became more interested in the training. Filing out my training plan at the beginning and the end of the week helps me reflect on what I've done well and what I need to improve on. Pete came to the national track championships and helped by giving me warm ups, suggesting race tactics and objectives. He's happy and helpful and always says when he's available. It doesn't matter that I hardly ever see Pete because the coaching is done online and over email, it's so easy! He always tells me that the most important thing is to enjoy my cycling, never to give up and to always try my hardest!


James Brightwell

I first met Pete in March 2013 at the Good Friday Meeting at Herne Hill. In September I decided to leave my then coach and come and work with Pete and it remains the best decision I’ve made with regards to my cycling to date. Wanting to focus on sprinting it made perfect sent to team up with Pete to not only take his heavily experienced (for such a young guy!) mind but also an exciting prospect of working with him and the Performance Cycle Coaching racing team.


Pete took the time initially to give me a call and go through my current views on my cycling, where I’d like to get to and what I enjoy. There was no sales pitch or any pressure but everything we talked about made sense and he puts things across in a way which you can really understand.


Every aspect of my training is broken down with explanations as to why we are focussing on something and what the benefits will be are fed back. Pete also takes a lot of time to ensure that technically everything is sound to ensure that there’s no risk to injury both on the bike and in the gym. Training is structured around my life and not as just something we do to get it out of the way. It suites me perfectly!


The best part of Pete as a coach is the support he provides, both psychologically and with his vast cycling knowledge. He’s never more than a quick phone call away if there’s any issue and always on hand for advice about every aspect of training.


It’s definitely been the best decision I’ve made with my cycling and really made me fall in love with the sport again. Best of all he’s really easy to talk to and clearly loves what he does which you simply can’t put a price on.


Leon Creswick

Having a coach like Pete makes me feel very secure in my cycling future. I know that every session and every rest day has been set with thought & consideration to my progression & my time constraints too. Despite the fact that Pete is half my age I really respect his advice because I know that he has been there & done it. Not only that he's totally submerged in the top level of our sport in his day to day life. I really like his approach in everything he does, from his explanation towards a single session and what it's set to achieve to feedback and encouragement when things don't quite go to plan. You just know he's always going to be there with sound advice & a gentle push in the right direction when needed. For me I feel that I would be wasting my time with competitive cycling without his input.

Louis Magnani

I would highly recommend pete mitchell as a coach, he has been a massive influence in helping me get the right training, and helping me to get the best out of myself whilst having to deal with illness. In particular, he helped me in person at the national track championships by giving

suitable tactics and aims for each event.

Robbie Reid

I approached Pete Mitchell soon after my return from the 2013 World Masters Track Championships with the view of participating in the 2014 pre competition training camp, I quickly realized that I also needed a coach and so my relationship with Pete Mitchell began. In seeking a coach, I needed someone I could trust to assume my training and racing schedule immediately. Pete’s insight and skill as a coach became very evident to me during our initial consultation which quickly became a seamless and empathic relationship..


Having never had a pure track coach previously, I went through a steep learning curve and Pete guided very well along the way. My goals were State and National Masters Championships in early 2014. I ended up taking home 2 gold and 1 silver medal at State Championships and 1 gold and 1 silver medal at National Championships.


I have always found Pete to be open and honest and his willingness to give me full attention when needed. His ability to provide excellent feedback has been vital to keeping me motivated. I would not hesitate to recommend Pete to fellow cyclists as a coach and mentor. It has been a pleasure to work with Pete.


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