I love cycling and have been fortunate enough to be full time for the past 6 years, competing and training at the highest level as a part of the Great Britain Cycling Team. Throughout this time, my own training and approach to a competition has fascinated me. Seeking ways to develop specific areas, improving myself as a rider. As my knowledge developed and experience grew, I wanted to go through this same challenge with other riders and help them to improve and work towards their ambitions and goals.



I think that when working with a coach, you have to share their ideals of how a program should be set. I ensure that programs are completely personalised to work around your work, family and other commitments. I keep the number of riders that I coach low, so I am always able to take my time and give my full attention. If you have to stay late at work or look after the kids last minute, tell me and I will alter the plan to suit. My goal is not to push you to your limits, but to train intelligently with the time you do have, no matter how great or small that may be.



Goals are personal. I coach riders who want to be World Champion, others who want to place at track league. Each is important and I enjoy helping any rider progress and get closer to achieving their targets.



Feedback is also crucial. If you are tired, un-motivated or have any concerns, I am always here to talk. Being approachable is crucial as it is your program, one size does not fit all.



For me my own goal is simple, to work with a rider and give them the tools they need to achieve.


If you ae interested in coaching, please contact me,


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Telephone: +447735081033





Pete Mitchell




  • British Cycling Level 3 Track Coach



  • St John's First Aid Certified