Track Clinics

Pete and Legro’s Track Clinics are designed to focus on specific areas of cycling, working

with two current World Champion track cyclists. We believe that the key to improvement is not to wait for change, but to create it by targeting areas and breaking down the key components, enabling you to improve and become a more developed and competent cyclist.


We use video feedback to immediately watch back how you rode, critiquing small details frame by frame, to allow you to understand where you can get more from the effort you are putting in. This can then be put straight back on to the track and practised I exactly the same scenario.


Our beginner weekends allow for an insight in to the world of track starting and develop your ability and understanding of holding a wheel, using the banking and why it is that track cyclists race and ride the way they do.



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Pete Mitchell

Pete and Legro's Track Clinics

Our clinics include,



•Gate Starts

•Flying 200m TT

•Match Sprint Tactics

•Kerin Tactics

•Team Sprint/ Pursuit starts and changes

•Bunch race tactics


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